Resume Best Practices in 2022

Resume writing has changed a lot in recent years. If you are looking for a new job this year, a refreshed resume is a must. This is true no matter when and why you’re re-entering the job market. It’s always a good idea to get up-to-date with the latest trends. Here are three tips for resume best practices in 2022:

Use a Professional Summary Instead of An Objective

The old objective statement has become passe. Resume objective statements were once the mainstay of a powerful resume. The objective statement simply doesn’t pack the same punch that it used to in the past. A summary statement differs from an objective as it focuses more on where you’ve been rather than where you’re going. It provides a summary of your professional strengths. Objectives differ slightly from this as they examine your goals and explain why you’re eager to get the job. This can have some value, especially if you’re a more inexperienced candidate. However, it focuses too much on what you want rather than the needs of the company. A summary statement gives the recruiter the information they want and need upfront. It details the most important work you’ve done, your background and one or two noteworthy skills that you have.

ATS software- Optimize Your Document for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence’s role in the hiring process is very much a fact of life in today’s world. According to Forbes, around 98% of Fortune 500 companies report using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). When you write your resume, you must prepare for the fact that it will be assessed by an algorithm before it even reaches a human hiring manager. If you fail to optimize properly you will get cut from the process immediately. In order for it to reach a live human being you should adhere t the following tricks:
  • Use a good number of keywords on the page
  • Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Don’t clutter the document with custom graphics and fonts
  • Submit your document in the right file format (word or pdf)

Quantify Everything

Be sure to add numbers to all possible bullet points in your resume. When you’re applying for a new job remember to back all your work experience and skills up with evidence. This includes a wide variety of numerical data is a particularly important step to quantifying your performance over the years. These will show the employer reading your document how your abilities turned into measurable results. This can be either as percentages, revenue numbers or simply numbers of units made or sold. However, they need to be on the page if you want to see results from your document. If you are in need of help with a career change, please reach out to us at For additional information follow our Facebook page: Contact Dr. Anderson for assistance with managing your career search.

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