Career Services

    Looking to make a career change? Let us ensure you stand out among the crowded job field.

    Turning passion into vocation starts with preparation and ends with making the right impression. The No Coast Consulting approach coaches clients through the process from beginning to end. We provide our clients with a suite of services designed to find you the career of your dreams.


    No Coast Consulting resumes are tailored based on client skills and professional experience, with a focus on highlighting their unique characteristics. Our expertise increases our clients’ visibility with popularly used screening filters, including those used by many Fortune 500 companies.

    Cover Letters

    Essentially your cover letter is the second screening filter of your quest to secure an opportunity for an interview, more importantly, it is your only opportunity to make a good first impression as a successful potential candidate to meet a company’s objective to add value to its workforce.

    Interview Coaching

    Interview preparation and career counseling are imperative to develop a personal brand. No Coast Consulting clients walk into interviews with a solid understanding of how to promote their knowledge, skill sets and experience to promote their personal brand confidently.


    The success of your career is a direct result of the strength of your network. No Coast Consulting clients’ jump-start their journey with networking opportunities rooted within their community and a digital presence on relevant social media platforms starting with an All-Star LinkedIn profile.

    Career Decorum

    Understanding proper etiquette and business norms allow No Coast Consulting clients to excel in the interviewing process. In addition, No Coast can help clients enhance their interpersonal skills that greatly assist in their future career advancement.