Welcome to NCC: Making your career matter.

Welcome to No Coast Consulting (NCC)! No Coast is a Des Moines, IA based business consulting firm specializing in providing support to small businesses as well as career coaching.

At NCC we believe that people thrive when an organization gets strategic about how they run their business. We provide tactical solutions that connect with the long-term vision and goals, of the organization. The end result is transformative and the work becomes more than a job, but a lifestyle.

In addition, we offer career counseling for those individuals who are looking to make a professional change. In this ever dynamic global world, what you did yesterday is not good enough for most employers. The world does not owe you a living, but we are blessed to live in a country and time period where we can create our own destiny.

Drawing on previous experience, NCC can help professionals advance in their career path, with information like: what you should know before you start, how to craft a resume that will get noticed, and more. With the right information, you’ll be better prepared to pursue your career. NCC will help you capture your skill sets and knowledge in a concise and articulate fashion via resume crafting and interviewing coaching.

Steve Jobs said during a commencement speech, “You got to find what you love.” He was correct, but that is only one aspect of finding your true professional calling. In future blogs, we will examine how finding your passion within the context of your strengths and skills can help you find success beyond your wildest dreams.

As our business grows, NCC, would like to use this blog as a place to share what we’re up to as well as give helpful tips for running a small business and career coaching.

We hope you enjoy!

Welcome! We hope you visit often.

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