The Power of a Good Business Plan

All small business owners need a good business plan. Business plans are a necessity for a variety of reasons. Most people don’t consider writing a plan until they need funding from a bank or venture capitalist. Business plans provide much more than just helping to secure funding. They also ensure that you know your competition inside and out. It can also help you stay on track for growing your business.

A good business plan consists of the following items at a minimum:

  • Be as objective and logical as possible. What may have seemed like a good idea for a business can, after some thought and analysis, prove not viable because of heavy competition, insufficient funding, or a nonexistent market.
  • Serve as a guide to the business’s operations for the first months and years.
  • Communicate the company’s purpose and vision, describe management responsibilities, detail personnel requirements, provide an overview of marketing plans, and evaluate current and future competition in the marketplace.
  • Create the foundation of a financing proposal for investors and lenders to use to evaluate the company.
  • Focus on the competitive positioning of the firm. It’s imperative to have a realistic perspective on what competitive landscape looks like within your industry and location
  • The financial projections included in the business plan must be grounded in reality. Many entrepreneurs use unrealistic projections in their business plans. Bankers and venture capitalist will immediately identify overly hyped projections and it will reflect poorly on the business owner.

Most of all, a good business plan is convincing. It proves a case. It provides concrete, factual evidence showing your idea for a business is in fact sound and reasonable and has every chance of success. Make sure that your business plan speaks to the appropriate audience and ensures your business’s future success.

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