Post-Pandemic: Required Skill Sets of the Future

Many people are so consumed with the current pandemic that they are struggling to think about their future. This makes it hard to prepare for the future of your career; how can you plan for the future when you can’t predict next week? While this makes complete sense emotionally, it may put you at a disadvantage professionally. Now is the exact time to use self-reflection to contemplate what skill sets you need to take control of your career. The paradox this situation creates underscores the importance of planning ahead to maximize your results. Regardless of what happens, here are four skills you need for the future of work:


  1. Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)

Interpersonal skills are driven largely by emotional intelligence. A person’s ability to express their own their own emotions while simultaneously recognizing the emotional needs of others is hallmark of high EIQ. You exhibit high emotional intelligence if you have empathy and integrity. A machine can’t easily replace a human’s ability to connect with another human being, so those who have high EQs will continue to be in demand.


  1. Analytical Skills

A person with critical thinking skills can suggest innovative solutions and ideas, solve complex problems. Someone who is a strong analytical thinker will rely on logical reasoning rather than emotion, collect the pros/cons of a situation and be think through the end process in a linear fashion. People with strong analytical skills will be needed to navigate the organizational changes from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  1. Change mindset 

Going forward highly marketable employees will be those who are no change averse. They will need to ability actively learn and grow. A person with a growth mindset understands that their abilities and intelligence can be developed, and they know their effort to build skills will result in higher achievement. It will be imperative that, for individuals to take on challenges, learn from mistakes and actively seek new knowledge.  Due to the speed of change in the future workplace, people will have to be agile and able to embrace and celebrate change.

  1. Technology skills 

The current industrial revolution is fueled by technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and robots. This means that successful employees will need a certain level of comfort using technology. Data is going to continue to inform every business decision going forward. Every employee, regardless of job title or duration, needs to be able to understand the potential impact of new technologies on their industry, business, and job.



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