Closing the deal – Are you getting interviews, but not offers?

Are you not able to close the deal on finding your next job? Have you had several interviews, but no offers? Are you consistently a finalist, but not getting the final offer?

Here are some things to consider:

Body Language: Interviewers and H.R. professionals can only glean so much from a resume. The way you present yourself on the phone or in person has a huge impact on how you are perceived by the hiring agent. It is important to make sure your body language is consistent with the story you are telling on paper. Many interviewers know within 5-7 minutes if a candidate is going to be a good fit for their company culture. Some common mistakes include, not making eye contact, not smiling, fidgeting, too much attention to a cell phone or other electronic devices, having a weak handshake, rolling of eyes or crossing hands over their chest. These are things to be aware of and to try to avoid when possible.

Dress the Part: Always do your due diligence before going to the interview. Be sure you are aware of what the standard dress code is for the organization in which you are interviewing. You would not want to wear a suit and tie for an interview for a welder job if the organizational culture is informal. The opposite also holds true – If you are interviewing at a bank, it would not be in your best interest to wear a t-shirt and jeans to the interview. If you know someone who works at the organization, it’s always a good idea to check with them.

Congruence: Do your actions align with your words? Cognitive dissidence can occur during stressful times- including during interviews. Is there congruence between your resume and your personality? The interviewer will have a pre-conceived notion of what to expect from you based on your resume and cover letter. It’s important that there is a match between that and your resume. If you list a specific skill set or software on your resume, you should be prepared to speak in depth about them when put on the spot. If you say you are an excellent communicator, it’s best if you do not stammer during an interview or stumble over your words. Take plenty of time to study your resume and jot down highlights you may want to cover. Aligning your responses with your application documents can help close the deal.

Being aware of how you present yourself or how you are being perceived can be the key to making sure you seal the deal on your next job interview. A.B.C.- Always Be Closing!

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